• TR Series Twin-rod Cylinder
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1.JIS standard is implemented.

2.The non-rotating precision is high and deflection of the end of piston rod is low, which is suitable for precise guide.

3.It adopts lengthening type sliding supporting guide. No additional lubricant is needed and it has good performance of guide.

4.Mounting holes on three sides facilitates multi-position mounting.

5.It is good resistance to bending and twisting moments.

6.Except for the axial, each side of the cylinder has installation orifices to provide several installation and fixation ways for the customers.

7.There are two groups of air intake and outlet at two sides of the cylinder for the actual ion.

8.Bumper  in front of the barrel can adjust the stroke of cylinder and relieve impact.

9.Standard configuration of this series has magnet and the type without magnet is not available.

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