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  • --AirTAC is written in (Ningbo Volume I)

    Recently, People’s Publishing House published (Ningbo Volume I). In this book, it collects 26 cases of advanced manufacturer of hidden champion that can represent Ningbo and AirTAC has been chosen as ‘Number one Chinese brand in Pneumatic Industry’.


    ‘Hidden Champion’ is a popular word to define a company. It first used in Hermann Simon's < HIDDEN companies unknown best world's the of 500 from lessons champions >. The definition of hidden champion means a corporate that dominates in specific market but is not known for public consumers.


    Every step is a new start. Since founded in 1988 to a well-known brand in pneumatic industry nowadays, AirTAC has always the goal to be a ‘Global automation equipment manufacturer’s long-term strategic partnership’. Embrace difficulties to improve, pursue excellence with craftsman mindset, AirTAC insists on providing high performance of products and service to assist customers to expand and develop.