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  • 2014 Annual Sales Conference of AirTAC (China) Co., Ltd.
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  • From Jan 30th to 31st , 2015, AirTAC (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AirTAC China) of AirTAC International Group has held the 2014 annual sales conference at the conference room of AirTAC (china) office building. Chairman of the group, Wang, Shih-Chung, CEO of the group, Lin, Chiang-Ti, general manager of AirTAC Subordinate Companies in Mainland China, Li, Huai-Wen, dupety executive general manager of AirTAC (China), Xu, Guan-Hua, several supervisors and overseas sales representatives, nearly 150 people had attended the conference.


    The sales report/summary of each region of China in 2014 and future sales plan and strategy of 2015 were presented in the conference. Chairman of AirTAC International group shows his encouragement and affirmation of the annual turnover accomplished in 2014 and expects the sales team can devote themselves and achieve a new target in 2015.